TLW Identify insulators and conductors of heat and describe how heat is conducted
TLW Identify forms of energy; describe basic energy transformations (from light to heat from potential to
kinetic energy) and actions that produce heat energy
Day 1
TLW complete the teacher made study guide while teacher presents the lesson PowerPoint

Lesson PPT


Energy Kids' Page

Teacher Information source

Day 2
TLW review study guide

Lesson Flip chart

TLW complete text box activity ( Double Bubble Map with kinetic and potential energy)
TLW view one of the two posters and explain how energy Is being transferred.

Brain Pop - Heat

Brain Pop forms of energy

Brain Pop - Kinetic Energy

Brain Pop - Potential Energy

Day 3
TLW complete one of the two experiments listed in the box. Numbers 213 and 398 . See bottom document of document on notes.
Day 4
TLW watch the united streaming video clip or Brainpop
TLW complete text box activity

Forms of Energy Video and Kinetic and Potential energy
Day 5

TextBook Reference E42-E59 p.46—box gives info about insulators and conductors

TLW take a quiz on Physical Science Part 5