Life Science:plants - Part 2
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1. There are two kinds of plants that form seeds: cone bearing plants and flowering plants.
2. Seeds are found in the cones of cone bearing plants and the fruit of flowering plants.
3. Flowers are reproductive structures.
4. A fruit is the part of a flowering plant that contains and protects the seeds.
5. Flowers hae parts that work together to make seeds; stamen, pistil, and sepal.
6. The stamen makes pollen.
7. The pistil collects the pollen. The bottom of the pistil is the ovary where seeds form. It is the central structure of the flower surrounded by the stamen, the petals, and the sepals.
8. Sepals are leaf like structures at the base of the flower.
9. Seeds form after a flower is pollinated.
10. Pollination happens when pollen is carried from a stamen to a pistil by wind or animals.
11. A seed is made up of a young plant, called an embryo.
12. When the seed has met its needs it germinates or sprouts.
13. The seeds of a pine tree ( a cone bearingplant 0 form between the scales of its cones.
14. Not all plants grow from seeds.
15. Some plants grow from a piece of stem put into water. new roots grow from the bottom of the stem. The new stem with roots is planted in the soil.
16. Potatoes are tubers, or swollen underground stems. Tubers are often dug up to eat.
17. Plants have many adaptations that help them survive in different environments.
a. The Venus Fly Trap is an unusual plant because it gets nutrients from insects that land on its leaves. The leaves shut and trap the insect inside.
b. During the winter monts, there is less daylight for photosynthesis. therefore, some trees enter a state of dormancy, or lower activity, until spring.
c. Cacti have roots that grow near the surface because it is easier to collect rain water in their very dry climate. ||