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Study Guide
1. Matter is everything in the universe that has mass and takes up space.
2. Air is an example of matter.
3. Mass is the amount of matter something contains. A large heavy elephant has more mass than a leaf.
4. The three states of matter are solid, liquid, gas.
5. A solid is matter that has a definite shape and takes up a definite amount of space.
6. A liquid is matter that takes the shape of its container and takes up a definite amount of space.
7. If you pour a liquid from one container to the other the matter will stay the same.
8. A gas is matter that has no definite shape and takes up no definite amount of space.
9. An ice cube is an example of matter that changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas. An ice cube melts and the liquid becomes water vapor.
10. A solid is the state of matter that keeps its shape.
11. Liquids and gases are states of matter that take the shape of their containers.
12. Taking away heat can change a liquid to a solid.
13. If all the ice in the world melted, the oceans would rice 180 feet and the Statue of Liberty would be completely under water except for the torch and crown.
14. A physical change is a change in size, shape, or state (solid, liquid, gas)
Example: Cutting a piece of paper -cutting a piece of paper is a physical change because the shape and size of the paper are changed.
Other Examples of Physical Changes:
-An ice cube melts in your hand,
-An ice cube is cracked with a hammer ,
-Rock candy is changed to confectioners' sugar (powdered sugar) ,
-Butter melting on a hot waffle ,
-snapping a long piece of chalk into two pieces,
-Hardened slabs of steel are heated and passed through rollers to make a thin sheet of steel,
-Boiling water.
15. A Chemical Change produces one or more substances and may release energy. Signs of a chemical change may include the formation of one or more new substances, a color change, or a release of energy.
Examples of a chemical change:
-A silver teapot changes from shiny silver to dark and dull, -Vinegar and baking soda are mixed in a bottle with a balloon covering the top ,
-A burning match ,
-Bread baking ,
-An anchor rusting

Physical Changes
Chemical Changes
Aluminum foil is cut in half.
Milk goes sour.
Clay is molded into a new shape.
Jewelry tarnishes.
Butter melts on warm toast.
Bread becomes toast.
Water evaporates from the surface of the ocean.
Rust forms on a nail left outside.
A juice box in the freezer freezes.
Gasoline is ignited.
Rubbing alcohol evaporates on your hand.
Hydrogen peroxide bubbles in a cut.

Food scraps are turned into compost in a compost pile.

A match is lit.

You take an antacid to settle your stomach.

Your body digests food.

You fry an egg.