Phsical Science 3

Physical Science Part 3

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1. A solution is a mixture in which the particles of different kinds of matter are mixed evenly with each other.
in the solution.
B. If the water
_evaporated_, the solid sugar will be left at the _botttom of the container.
3. When one material forms a solution with another material it dissolves_.
is the measure of the amount of material that will dissolve in another material.

6. When a solid forms a solution_with water, particles of the solid become separated and spread in the water.
7. Density_ the ability of matter to float in a liquid or a gas.
8. An object sinks in water when it is _less_ dense than the water.
9. One way to lessen the density of an object is to add more weight to that object. The object needs to have a different density.
10. Clay is denser than water. How can a clay boat float?
The boat floats because it is keeping the water out while keeping the air in.
11. Name 3 examples of transportation that use buoyancy.
1. hot air balloon2. submarine_ 3. blimps__
1 TLW explain the difference between solubility and density.
2 TLW ideniy the density of given objects
Day 1 TLW complete study guide and power point.
Day 2: TLW review study guide and watch measuring matter or buoyancy video
Day3. TLW rd and discuss important info on E 16-20
Day4: TLWreview notes using quiz, quiz, trade to test each other on material.
Day 5: Test